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To date, our team of seo experts have consistently ranked websites for thousands of keywords and accomplished top rankings on a wide range of highly competitive keyword phrases. Whether it be locally in Manchester, or across the nation, we are confident in what we do for our clients. And more importantly they see tangible results. If you have a specific question which we haven’t already answered please contact us: 0161 710 2541



SEO Services in Manchester

Our unique and proactive approach towards Search Engine Optimisation has granted us with consistent results no matter what industry we dive in to. We take a flexible and proactive approach to achieving rankings by countering to, and pre-empting googles upcoming updates to their algorithms. This strengthens our strategy for remaining future proof in regards to our techniques and processes. All of which are continually improving and evolving further as we advance.
However it is fairly easy to sum up why you may choose our seo service, its simple. Because get results!



What is Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a continual process that ultimately boosts your online presence in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. When carries out effectively, the analysis and optimisation of your site will increase your websites visibility for search engines. In doing, will lead to an increase in users to your website, therefore equating to more sales and enquiries for your business.
For many SEO is a misunderstood topic. Achieving profitable search engine rankings isn’t a case of making a few “tweaks” and hey presto you are at the top of Google. We wish it was only that simple. SEO is a complex process which requires attention from a wide variety of key factors from optimised content, social signals and technical analysis. To make it even more multifaceted, Google are constantly updating and adjusting its algorithm which means new and improved processes have to be thought up and implemented to ensure consistent results. We have a fantastic team of SEO experts who work with these key factors every day so we all very equipped in doing what it takes to get our clients tangible results.



Why Search Engine Optimisation

Its great having a beautiful looking website that is fully responsive and represents your business well. But how useful would that website be if none of your potential customers could see it? The solution? Search Engine optimisation or SEO for us techies.
SEO has progressively developed in to becoming the foundation to most companies digital marketing strategies. With such a huge potential, SEO can transform any business. Whether you are just started off, trading primarily in Manchester, or a have services that are offered nation-wide, SEO will help you reach your potential customers. Never underestimate the impact SEO can have on a business in this fiercely evolving digital age.

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Our Services

At DSC we understand that each client is unique and has different business objectives. We build a bespoke marketing plan for you based on your specific requirements, with the highest possible return on Investment for you at the forefront.

Shared Success Appointment Setting & Lead Generation

DSC specialise in Lead Generation & B2B Appointment setting. After agreeing your target market and qualifying criteria, we will book Sales Appointments for your team, under your company name, straight into your diary.

Search Engine Optimisation

DSC can drive traffic to your website using search engine optimisation which increases your listing on the leading search engines (Google, Bing etc) both locally and nationally. Our digital marketing experts can build your listing either organically or by using paid ads.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media experts will build a social media marketing plan around your business needs. We are able to strategically target your desired audience through various different social media platforms which drive traffic from your target market to your website.

Data Supply

As we are a Telemarketing agency DSC understands that data provision and analytics is the key for any business to be a success. The quality of your data is essential so you and your team are contacting the right customers.  All of our B2B & B2C data is opted in and TPS cleansed.  Contact us now for a no obligation quote from a reliable and transparent data provider.

Inbound Call Centre & Call Answering Service

The lifeblood of any successful business involves a successful marketing plan.  DSC will ensure you do not miss those hard to generate sales opportunities.  Research has shown as little as 20% of new customers will continue trying to speak with your sales team when they’re unsuccessful with 2 attempts.  This could be costing you £1,000’s in lost revenue.

Email Marketing

DSC has in house software enabling us to send thousands of emails to your target market at a time. Email Marketing is a cost effective way to get your message out in bulk to either new prospects or your existing client base. We can provide full analytics and reporting including reports on how many people the email campaign reached and which prospects opened your email.

Market Research

The results you gain from a market research project can save you £1,000’s on your marketing plan, product or services launch and will provide the data you need to maximise turnover and profits. It is a key factor to get advantage over competitors gather important information to identify and analyse the market need, market size and your competition.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

We all know customer satisfaction is essential to the survival of every business. Most businesses spend more time and money attracting new customers than they do in keeping their existing ones. In an increasingly competitive world, very few businesses see and hear every employee/client interaction and no business can read their clients minds.

Data Cleansing

Poor data quality costs organisations millions of pounds each year in wasted time, lost opportunities & unnecessary expense (Postage, Promotions, Brochures etc). Poor data management can lead to multiple systems, work duplication and wastage with conflicting or inaccurate information for the same products, services or people.